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 gain access to competitive shipping
carrier rates and start saving
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Pros of BUKU's wholesale rates
  • Lack the volume for large discounts on shipping rates
  • Must negotiate rates with carriers
  • Is overwhelmed with rate decisions and changes
  • Has access to incredibly discounted rates
  • Has a single rate provider 
  • Doesn't have to worry about rates or price changes

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BUKU Rates

Start saving today! Gain access to COMPETITIVE wholesale rates 

Shipping rates are an extremely important factor for eCommerce brands to monitor. Having to constantly negotiate between carriers for price it can be overwhelming and time costly. 
We also aren't all or nothing. Feel free to add our rates to your already existing rates to get the best of both worlds. 
No matter if you're just getting started or are shipping thousands of packages a month, BUKU can save you money and eliminate the hassle brands have to go through for good shipping rates. 
We have worked hard to create and maintain relationships with a variety of carriers in order to provide discounted prices to the brands working with us!
Shipping Rates
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Complementary Software

Complementary Software



By using IntelliRate maximize your savings in cart. We offer features such as Dynamic Rate Shopping. Which looks through all carrier rates provided for the best price every time. 

Assure your brand that you have the best possible customer cart experience with IntelliRate.


Want to ship internationally DDP? With IntelliTax you can do just that! 

Expand your brand globally and make sure all taxes and duties are calculated, collected and filed correctly! 

Shipping Software

Ecommerce guide to ship internationally


As the eCommerce space grows every year, more and more companies based in the US expand globally. Shipping internationally can be tricky but with the right planning, study and execution it can greatly increase your brands revenue. By not selling to a global audience you could be missing out on a substantial amount of sales. And as each country differs in economic standing it is extremely beneficial to diversify the markets you are selling to. These are some of the many incredible benefits to shipping internationally... Read more