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BUKU Post Office

The BUKU Post Office is a one of a kind, one stop solution for all your ecommerce shipping needs whether for domestic or international.


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BUKU your e-commerce shipping expert

BUKU is a one of a kind one stop software solution for your ecommerce shipping needs whether for domestic or international.

Domestic Shipping

With unprecedented times and the acceleration of e-commerce, there has no doubt been challenges in finding the right carrier to service your needs. BUKU takes a carrier agnostic approach with dozens of integrations so you can scale quickly and serve your customers quickly, affordably, and with a top notch service experience. 

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International Shipping

The landscape for the international ecommerce space has grown tremendously and with that growth has been constant compliance changes. BUKU has forged strategic alliances with Customs authorities, offering not just a shipping solution, but a solution that will be compliant and the most customer centric to help you gain repeat buyers.

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Download our app available in Shopify and experience what many of our customers are experiencing today: Affordability, Predictable Shipping, Compliance, Tax Solutions, and many more exciting features.

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