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Shipping Analytics

With our emphasis on true AI, the more data we get the better we can predict and help you make tough decisions.  Our predictive analytics are industry best. 


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Data will help you make strategic decisions 

Leverage the BUKU team to provide a strategic analysis of your shipping & order data.  BUKU will provide industry insights which can be used to control costs, improve service, and allow you to invest in what is important to your goals. 


Data is King

Data from the US Department of Commerce shows that US ecommerce sales have been growing steadily for over a decade, with significant growth in the previous year. US ecommerce sales reached almost $760b in 2020 a sizeable 32% increase year over year.   How does this growth impact your company and are your prepared, we can help.

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Shipping KPI

Using our shipping dashboard easily track your Shipping Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These include:

  • Order number 
  • Revenue 
  • Shipping Profit 
  • And Taxes & Duties Collected

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Every year Shopify releases a list of trends and projections for the following year and what can be learned from the previous year. It's called "Commerce Trends 2023: Industry Report". The information is pulled from proprietary data, insider experts, and top global brands. This report is extremely useful and can benefit any eCommerce brand looking to have a fantastic 2023... Read more