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Shipping Monetization
BUKU solutions
  • Our brand is losing money on shipping

  • We don't know our exact shipping costs 

  • The assumption that cost is my customer's only priority

  • Make money on shipping

  • Know my shipping costs ahead of time

  • Offering expedited options with faster delivery dates

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Turn your shipping into a profit center.

Shipping has always been an expense and burden for brands. Often times companies end up paying more to their carriers than their customers at checkout. 

With dynamic rate shopping and the ability to offer expedited lanes with margin you will have confidence in displaying accurate shipping rates to every zip code - worldwide! 

Shipping Monetization

Shipping Monetization

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App features


Customizable margins

- Profit tracking features on live PNL dashboard

- Account for surcharges 

- Reinvest shipping profits to cover promotions

- A/B test checkout lanes

Shipping Profit

BUKU has created an easy way for brands to turn an expense into a profit. Expedited lanes are where we recommend to add your margin. Consumers aren't bothered as much by price when speed is their main focus. If expedited shipping isn't what they're looking for, you can still offer a standard or free lane to keep their business.

As you start to earn a shipping profit, reinvest those funds into your brand for continued growth! Easily add an additional revenue stream by monetizing on shipping. All these features are there to turn your shipping process into a profit center. 

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