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Monitor all of your shipments
from checkout to delivery With Bukutrak


Without BuKuTrak the post checkout experience 

  • Is missing key information
  • Lacks a way to view package progress
  • Is full of bottlenecks and friction
  • Has information is divided into each carrier's site

With BuKuTrak the post checkout experience

  • Contains live updates on every parcel
  • Has all data that is tracked and monitored 
  •  Is more effective and frictionless
  • Combines all data in an easy to read dashboard

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Checkout Tool

I Track and ANALYZE all aspects of your shipping process. 

With BuKuTrak proactive tracking, monitor all multiple shipping KPIs including:
Scanned Shipments
Unscanned Shipments
In Transit
Delivery Exception
Returned to Sender
By reviewing status reports, filtering data and using the various drill down features you can analyze and understand your shipping data. 
Proactive tracking shipping analytics
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"BuKuTrak helps brands and warehouses get proactive about tracking--no more surprises or waiting for the buyer to call-in and complain about late packages. In a single view, you can track all your carrier packages from out the door to first-scan, through transit. You don't have to login to 3 or 4 different carrier portals to aggregate the data for your client(s)."

Bryce Romney - Head of Product, BUKU


App features

  • Filter tracking reports by - carrier, service, and customer
  • View a summary of the tracking status, shipments  and carriers in a single view
  • Drill into the list of shipments/orders for a specific date and status
  • View all progress for each shipments
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Many brands struggle with knowing the status of their packages as they are delivered to the consumer. By using BuKuTrak you are able to follow all of your packages as they make their way through the shipping process. Easily monitor progress, analyze data and export shipping data.  

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