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Multiple Shipping Lanes
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  • We display a single shipping option

  • Shipping lanes leave customers confused and lacking options

  • Lanes are difficult to understand, unorganized and aren't customized to your brand

  • We offer multiple shipping lanes 

  • An "Amazon-like" experience with 3-4 well designed lanes 

  • An organized custom shopping cart that allows them to checkout with ease

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Checkout tool

Give consumers the power of choice by providing multiple shipping lanes within your checkout.

 Ensure your products can be delivered on time for that special occasion, even if the consumer waited to order last minute!
Increase cart conversion by meeting consumers' needs and displaying expedited shipping options with accurate delivery dates. 
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Multiple shipping lanes

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Client Testimonial

"IntelliRate has been incredibly helpful for us in our efforts to give freedom to our customers and enable them to choose the shipping experience of their preference at checkout."


App features



- An "Amazon-like" checkout

- Offer free shipping strategically! 

- Meet holiday demands

- Increase your shipping profit

- Gain customer loyalty 

Expedited shipping

Offering a single lane checkout is a thing of the past. Today, consumers expect to be able to prioritize what is important to them - whether that's speed, cost or a combination! 

By offering multiple lanes you make the checkout experience about when consumers want a product to arrive rather than if they want to pay shipping. Allow the modern day consumer to experience accelerated shipping speeds when they need them most. 

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