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BUKU and Maergo

BUKU and Maergo's partnership brings new and efficient shipping solutions. Stop losing money and start to exceed customers expectations when it comes to shipping.


Who is maergo?

Maergo innovates shipping to make it faster, cheaper and greener than the industry standard.

They achieve their promise by constantly optimizing the parcel delivery journey from start to end. They're here to more than meet your customers’ expectations – they're here to help you deliver on your brand promise and the value your customers have come to expect. Visit site


Maergo is an end-to-end outbound eCommerce parcel carrier. The process includes:

  • Picking up your parcels from your distribution center(s) 7 days a week
  • Sorting for the most optimal direct lane to your customer in their regional micro sortation centers
  • Flying your parcels on direct routes, point-to-point across the country, and
  • Placing into their trusted and scalable network of last mile carriers.

How do they do it? Through a single contract & API integration – eliminating the need for you to invest in regional distribution centers or manage multiple carrier relationships.

Discover How BUKU and Maergo work together to help eCommerce brands:


How can i become more sustainable?

Did you know that through BUKU and Maergo you can reduce your carbon footprint? Striving to become sustainable has never been more important! Read the article to learn more! 

Discover How Maergo and BUKU support your brand


Attract more buyers with better software capabilities. 

BUKU empowers thousands of online retailers and fulfillment

centers through our shipping software. 

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