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The Ecommerce Shipping Experts

AI powered intelligent shipping solutions for eCommerce

Don't just manage your shipping overhead, monetize it! Increase cart conversions with amazing customer experiences from click to ship. Manage warehouse and carrier costs. Expand internationally. BUKU does all of that with a solution that pays for itself with the click of a button. 
Short story, we can make you money on your shipping.
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AI powered eCommerce intelligent shipping

BUKU is the world’s most complete artificial intelligence (AI) solution for all shipping needs. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is built from the ground up delivering real-time intelligence and predictive analytics throughout the entire shipping process making shipping smarter, cheaper, faster and more reliable. BUKU enables customers to focus on business instead of shipping.

Buku is your single platform for:


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Don't waste thousands in shipping costs and headaches when you could be saving BUKU-BUCKS! 


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