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BUKU supports an ecommerce 

landed cost solution for international shipments


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Take the guesswork out of your international shipping

Why worry and stress over international compliance when you can hire the BUKU team of specialists who will help you from click to ship and everything in between?  We will get your merchandise to your customers in an affordable and timely manner.  Get hassle-free international shipping available from BUKU.



BUKU will support a consultative approach, providing you with a one stop solution for international cross border ecommerce shipping. BUKU formed a intermediary in the Netherlands and is registered as an Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) for EU clearances.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. 

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Add the BUKU duties and tax calculator to your checkout.  Not only will BUKU provide you with a compliant clearance, but we will also provide a best in class customer experience.   Did you know that majority of online cross border shoppers prefer to pay their duties and taxes prepaid (aka incoterm DDP).  This solution will allow the courier to leave the package at your customers doorstep. 

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BUKU has many deep carrier relationships that will enable you to work with the best and brightest in the industry.  BUKU will help you engage with your shipping carriers to ensure you are getting the best value.  BUKU can help audit your contracts and negotiate the best value for your needs. 

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Need Domestic Shipping?
Buku has you covered.

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