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BUKU and GPS Logix

BUKU and GPS Logix's partnership gives international shipping assistance. Allowing you to grow you brand across borders. 


Who is GPS Logix?

GPS Logix, Inc. started the international courier business in 2009 and is aiming to become a competitive logistics company by developing logistics services specialized in the rapidly changing world of logistics market by implementing advanced logistics. Visit site


They will provide a specialized, "international courier service" business that is more than just a simple service, they will provide efficient service and bold investment to provide the fast, accurate and safe multimodal transportation service for all of their customers. They will endlessly strive to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Discover How BUKU and GPS Logix work together to help eCommerce brands:

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BUku offers gps logix wholesale rates

As a partner of GPS Logix we strive to deliver amazing deals and rates to all of the brands that work with us. We are proud to offer extremely competitive wholesale rates to brands. 

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Discover How GPS Logix and BUKU support your brand


Attract more buyers with better software capabilities. 

BUKU empowers thousands of online retailers and fulfillment

centers through our shipping software. 

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