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Fulfillment CX

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Rate Management

Display Rates

Sharing your carriers rates is a thing of the past. With Fulfillment CX share your rates with your client and display those to the end consumer. Collect your margin without a hassle.  

Accurate shipping dates

Ensure your brands shopping cart displays delivery times that account for your pick and pack. Create a better relationship by displaying expectations that can be met and surpassed.

Rate Adjustments

With a simple click adjust for surcharges, labor cost, or peak season with a single or multiple carriers. 

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Carrier Management
Live dashboard with batch printing

Live Dashboards

Easily monitor and analyze shipping margins, taxes and duties, etc. As well as generate reports all with access to our live, interactive dashboards.   

Label Printing

Gain access to BUKU's high quantity batch printing capabilities. Start printing and processing thousands of labels within a matter of minutes. 

Packing Prioritization

Ensure that expedited packages get sent out first and are not delayed so they can arrive on time.  


Proactive Tracking

BUKU enables you to proactively monitor shipping progress and track against your projected delivery dates. Keep customers happy by updating arrivals times and increase efficiency with priority packing systems.

Shipment Tracking

Provide instant updates to your customers about the status of their packages. Increase the overall customer-to-brand shipping experience as well as create additional trust between the brand and consumer. 

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