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Fulfillment Customer Experience
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Rate management

Display Rates

Sharing your carriers rates is a thing of the past. With Fulfillment CX share and display your client specific rates to the end consumer. Collect your margin without a hassle.

Delivery dates that account for pick and pack

Help your brands provide a better experience by accounting for your time. Create a better relationship by displaying expectations that can be met and surpassed. With a simple click adjust for surcharges, labor cost, or peak season with a single or multiple carriers. 

Wholesale Rates

If you need it - Gain access discounted rates from dozens of carriers. If you have your own rates we support that as well.

Carrier rates and analytics


Tracking Dashboard

bukutrak Proactive Tracking

Use our software to gain access to cross carrier tracking with live updates. Track all shipments as they make their way through the fulfillment center to delivery. Learn more

Live Dashboards

Easily monitor and analyze shipping margins, taxes and duties, etc. As well as generate reports all with access to our live, interactive dashboards.


Tech Solutions

For your brands  

Packing Prioritization

Ensure that expedited packages get sent out first and are not delayed so they can arrive on time. Give your brands peace of mind that their expedited orders will be ready to ship on time.

Expedited and express services

Taylor expedited and express services from your point of origin to destination zip codes. Enabling your team to provide fast, cost effective options to your brands. 

Package prioritization

Fulfillment CX

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