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Cart Psychology

Multiple lanes

Give the customer the power of choice by offering multiple shipping lanes. Each lane can offer a variety of speeds and prices so the consumer can choose what works best for them. LEARN MORE

Accurate shipping dates

Compute and display accurate shipping arrival dates in your checkout. Make the decision about when they want the product instead of if. Give your customers the transparency they deserve. LEARN MORE

Multiple lanes and accurate delivery date


Tax and Duty Calculator

Tax and duty calculator

Add the BUKU Tax and Duty Calculator to your checkout. Automatically calculate costs and display them in an easy and understandable way for international carts. LEARN MORE 

Expert IOSS filing

Confidently achieve international compliance! Let our European subsidiary file your IOSS Taxes across the EU so you don't have to. LEARN MORE


Rate Management

Dynamic rate shopping

Connect all shipping lanes to multiple carriers! Easily search through hundreds of potential rates to find the one that best fits each individual shipment according to zip code. LEARN MORE

Monetize your shipping

Turn your shipping expenses into a shipping profit. Consult with us today to understand how easily shipping can be your best friend. LEARN MORE

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Shipment tracking

Proactive tracking


Proactively track your shipments. All carrier data integrated into one easy to use dashboard, IntelliTrack. All data from your shipments is compiled and easily analyzed. Track your shipments as they make their way to the customer. Learn more

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Checkout CX

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