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Dynamic Rate Shopping
BUKU solutions
  • Flat or inaccurate shipping rates displayed

  • Rate management is handled after the fact

  • Limited access to carriers

  • Displaying optimized rates for every zip code

  • Instantaneously find and display the lowest rate

  • Connecting multiple carriers to each shipping lane

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Dynamic rate shopping gives you and your customer the best shipping price possible

Many companies offer flat rate shipping. This can cause brands to lose thousands of dollars every month because their flat rate doesn’t account for fluctuating shipping costs.

BUKU's app, IntelliRate, allows you to instantaneously search through various carriers and find the lowest rate for your delivery destination. Once selected, this rate is displayed in the shopping cart.

Lowest shipping rates

Dynamic Rate Shopping

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Client Testimonial


"IntelliRate has transformed the shipping experience for our customers and us. By using their dynamic rate shopping, we have saved thousands in shipping costs. It's easy to install, and the Buku team has been so supportive and helpful the whole time."

App features


- Lowest rate displayed instantaneously in shopping cart 

- Dynamic rate management at time of purchase

- Rates optimized to the zip code of each consumer 

- BUKU offers hundreds of carrier connections with ease 

- Save yourself and customer money on shipping prices 

Shipping carrier savings

Tired of throwing an inaccurate flat rate into your shipping lanes? Studies show that this doesn't only hurt your margins—it's not the experience that shoppers are looking for. We'll display an Amazon-style checkout experience on your website, loaded with the best (and most accurate) rates from multiple carriers in real-time. This all helps make sure shipping is a contributor to your bottom line.

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