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BUKU and BoxC enables your brand to take control of your shipping, save more than ever, and exceed all customer expectations. 


Who is boxc?

BoxC is an e-commerce logistics management platform, built and designed for e-commerce in a globalized world.

They provide all the tools for logistics management in a single platform. Built for global e-commerce, logistics providers and e-commerce retailers unlock an experience that is delightfully hassle-free.



  • Control of shipments from origin to destination. Manage all steps through the transportation chain to final delivery.

  • Real-time data enhancement of HS codes and descriptions. Leverage the built in AI to meet the growing requirements of customs around the world.

  • Transparent and auditable pricing. Every transaction is recorded on a blockchain ledger.


  • Pay for the actual chargeable weight. Stop paying for the rounded up weight you’re not using.

  • Prepaid taxes and duties built-in. No delivery refusals because of duties and taxes due.

  • Local consumer experience in any country. Local shipping label and tracking to every destination country.

Discover How BUKU and BoxC work together to help eCommerce brands:

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buku offers boxc wholesale rates

As a partner of BoxC we strive to deliver amazing deals and rates to all of the brands that work with us. We are proud to offer extremely competitive wholesale rates to brands. 

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Discover How BoxC and BUKU support your brand


Attract more buyers with better software capabilities. 

BUKU empowers thousands of online retailers and fulfillment

centers through our shipping software. 

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